Gregge Tiffen was a  powerful presence on the planet, much like the power of Spring's snow melt in local streams ...

Gregge Tiffen was a powerful presence on the planet, much like the power of Spring's snow melt in local streams ...

Passion does not have ears for ‘cannot do’. Gregge Tiffen [Sex, Lies and Assumptions – June, 2010]*

Have you ever had the experience of reading something you haven’t read before, of having it seem both familiar and new and fresh, and of knowing that you already knew it, but you didn’t know that you knew?  If you’re spinning from just reading that sentence, then you have some idea of my experience over the last several months as I’ve read transcripts from lectures that Gregge Tiffen presented after his return from training in Tibet, many years before I met him.

Because I quote him often, I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be fun to share a bit about who Gregge was.  I’ll start with a description from the back cover of Earth and Second Earth, one of several books that comprise The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen [available here:]:

“Gregge Tiffen received intensive training in mysticism and mystical law over 60 years ago in the Far East. He returned to the United States in the late 1950’s to teach as he was taught. Before his death in September 2008, he was a well-respected business consultant, exceptional teacher, and personal counselor to people throughout the world.”

Despite the admonitions of friends and family that ‘You can’t …!’, Gregge left a military career with its focus on death and survival to pursue a passion for living. He realized that he needed to “die from the animal state of survival at all costs” to pursue what he truly wanted to do. And, that is what he did.  

While I take full responsibility for all the choices that I’ve made in life, the quality of those choices has been greatly enhanced since I met Gregge in early 1980, 35 years ago. 

At the time, I was in the midst of personal turmoil.  Marge, my mother and dear friend, died several months before, and I’d resigned from a demanding job for which I’d burned up any passion. I needed to rest, recover, and find some sense of self beyond my profession.  Therapy was somewhat supportive and I found reading metaphysical books helpful, but it was my Life Reading & BiCircadian (Gregge’s system for planetary influence) that woke me up to who I am and sparked my interest in how life works.

Consultations with Gregge helped me navigate life over these 35 years. I gathered interesting and helpful information attending workshops and lectures and listening to recordings.  Now, as I create the next phase/adventure in life, I’m passionate to more deeply understand and, more importantly, use what I’m learning, applying what is hopefully intelligence in ways that nurture new, innovative, sustainable measures of success. 

...  and as gentle as day's first light.

... and as gentle as day's first light.

As I follow this path of reading, reviewing, reflecting and experimenting, it’s likely that more of Gregge’s wisdom will be coming your way, so I wanted to share a bit about this inspiring man as context for what may come as ‘The Zone’ evolves.