Left a Legacy

Gregge Tiffen


Patrece: Founder of P Systems, a non-profit corporation she established in 1983 as a Metaphysical Resource Investment (MRI). It's your very own MRI to scan the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life from the perspective of the physics - the energy - of meta-physics.

Everything that she writes, publishes and teaches focuses on the practical application of meta-physics as a resource for personal and professional satisfaction. When she met Gregge Tiffen in 1975 she became interested in his work (see link to G-Systems). In respect for his request and as a result of extensive study with him she continues to consolidate, write, and publish his teachings in The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen.

You will find a list of these publications and other services Patrece provides on P Systems' website: www.P-SystemsInc.com

Wise beyond their years...

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