New Front Patio ... and Plants in the Planter

New Front Patio ... and Plants in the Planter

We are meant to implement what the Universe puts before us, or we lose energy. We use the energy to meet the requirement when the requirement is there in order to gain from that cycle of ‘time’. This is functioning according to Universal time.  Gregge Tiffen (Impatience Fishes An Empty Pond – June 2008)

We have numerous choices each and every day of what to ‘do’ next and the accompanying choice (so often not conscious) of how to ‘be’ with what we do. 

Recently I’ve been drawn to what inspires me each day – mostly projects that add to the beauty and enjoyment of my home, or reading transcripts of Gregge Tiffen’s early lectures and reflecting on how to apply the knowledge in my life, and, of course, writing this weekly post.  These are the things call me to use my energy and creativity. The more engaged in them that I am, the more fulfilling they are.

I’m discovering that I (and I alone) have the power and the responsibility to determine how much of me – my physical, mental, spiritual energy – that I need to use.  As I write the first draft of most blog posts, I use primarily spiritual energy, tapping in to the Universe for inspiration and guidance.  Physical and mental energy kick in on our morning walk, when in nature’s beauty provides a backdrop for reflecting on that draft and exploring whether it’s on target with what I want to express. Then, mostly mental energy takes over as I finalize the copy, post on the blog, and create the email version.

Over the past almost two years, I’ve discovered what this cycle requires in terms of energy. And, each week I allow myself plenty of time so that I don’t create self-imposed stress.

As I experiment with this concept that seems to include inspiration, cycles, as well as personal energy management, I’m discovering yet again how my attitude impacts my efficiency – especially my attitude and ability to be flexible when ‘stuff happens’ unexpectedly and needs to be handled.

Enter the mouse. Earlier this week a most unpleasant odor in my car signaled that a rodent had set up camp somewhere in the heating and ventilation system (Roar #1). After looking in the areas where I’m competent to look, I called my mechanic, but wasn’t able to reach him (Roar #2), so I set the concern aside, trusting that we’d connect at an advantageous, Universal time.

When I reached him yesterday, he said, “bring her in now!”  I gratefully set aside my plan for the morning and made the 20 mile drive with windows down and a bandana with a drop of essential oil covering my face. Then, upon arrival, another customer had come in and I needed to wait (yet another roar!). I took a breath, let go of any worry about time, and relaxed, enjoying a view of the mountains that I rarely see and sipping my coffee in the warm sunshine.

Within a few minutes he apologized for the delay and went to work searching for the location. Not finding the nest in the likely places (roar!) the mechanic asked “where do you sense that it is?” I pointed to a spot under a panel which took some effort to remove and, voila, there it was (nasty, smelly, and large!). He cleaned it out and, soon, I was on my way home, immediate problem solved, and,  because I hadn’t stressed over the event or the delay, with plenty of energy to dive into the project that I’d planned.

Even though the mouse nest roared and I needed to act, drama, stress and energy waste did not need to be part of the equation. Grateful!

Warm Days and Melting Snow Feed the Vibrant Spring Runoff in Local Creeks

Warm Days and Melting Snow Feed the Vibrant Spring Runoff in Local Creeks