Eclipsed Moon - January 31, 2018

Eclipsed Moon - January 31, 2018

And thus ever, behind the coarse effect, is a fine cause, which being narrowly seen, is itself the effect of a finer cause.  Ralph Waldo Emerson*

The Spirit knows and the Law obeys. Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind*

Spiritual development reduces your habitual fear buttons to a minimum level until they are eliminated altogether. Gregge Tiffen in Open Secrets: Revealing Habits – February, 2011

I’m not certain about much, but I am certain that the Law of Cause and Effect is always operating in all ways. It is a law, not of the land, but of the Infinite Universe of which we all are an integral part. On this physical plane, we see so many examples of the Law that we likely don’t pay attention until something goes awry. Unlike laws of the land which are sure to change (that is, after all one tool of control), the Law of Cause and Effect is immutable. IT always has been and IT always will be.

Like each of us individually, cause and effect are distinct, but not separate. The only separation in the Universe is our erroneous thinking that separation is real. EveryTHING is connected. We are not separate from our thoughts and our habits, from the world, or from one another.

Our thoughts and habits are us. Through them, we create a joy-filled, satisfied life OR a life of havoc and despair.  Cause = Effect = Cause … ad infinitum.

I’ve been reflecting on this in the midst of closing the bed & breakfast and preparing myself and my home to share with a house-mate. Being mindful of keeping my thoughts and actions on the ‘high road’, with clear intent of my direction and being open to the vast array of possibilities for how that may unfold. I’m denying access to thoughts arising from the pervasive fear in our culture, while also considering concerns and issues that may arise.

I’m practicing this as well in my observations of and interactions with those segments of the world with or about whom I disagree. Yes, I’m concerned about the direction of our country (and our world) on many levels. I find it challenging to listen to many elected ‘leaders’ at all. And, I’m determined to listen not with disdain or despair, but with care and compassion added to the concerns I deeply feel.  As Michelle Obama (oh, how I miss her!) suggested during the 2016 campaign, I aim to go ‘high’ no matter how ‘low’ another goes.

No matter how divergent our views, we are all connected.  It seems to me that only by our individual spiritual development, of which understanding and practicing the Law of Cause and Effect both in our up-close and personal lives AND in all our interactions with the world will we create a world that embraces the certainty of Universal Law while dancing with the uncertainty created by we humans.

What are your thoughts and habits contributing to you and to our world?

*quotes are from a ‘Daily Guide’ essay written by Rev. Dr. Margaret Stortz in the January, 2018 issue of Science of Mind magazine.

A Wise, Old Tree in the Woods Out Back

A Wise, Old Tree in the Woods Out Back