"Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will not themselves be realized."  Daniel H. Burnham

I like that. It’s visionary and feeds the part of me that looks forward to the future and what’s possible. Our intentions, like garden seeds, sprout our plans and actions. We reap the harvest.

And yet, can we become too attached, too committed to our plan that we miss other opportunities? The great funny man, Woody Allen is quoted as saying “if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”.  If Woody is accurate, God is belly laughing with me this week.

I started the week with a clear intention in my journal: complete multiple projects in preparation for launching a newsletter [soon!] and several other Fall business initiatives. Then I prioritized a task list and schedule to do just that.

With clear intention and my plan in place, Monday was great – lots of progress. I felt unstoppable. No-thing would interrupt completing this goal.  No-thing except a phone call letting me know that the house had been sold and I have 30 days to move.

What? That’s NOT my plan!

Choice point. Panic and fall victim to what’s happened and the host of emotions and actions that could evoke? OR, take a breath, ask to see the opportunities the situation presents, get support, shift my focus and priorities for the week, and stand in my power to create what’s next? Gulp. That’s my commitment.

My higher intention is to “step into the unknown, trusting that my intention and actions will create the solution I desire or, perhaps, something better that I haven’t yet imagined”. I started from this commitment. Then, created a list of the ideal next house and situation that I wanted. Next, action.

The results? As I write this post, I’m finalizing details to move into the next perfect place. It was offered by a friend somewhat unexpectedly (although I once had a vision of  living there).  Better yet, a great approach to one of the projects I’m committed to finishing will add ease to a tedious task!

The lessons? Stepping into our power requires first a clear choice to do just that.  Our choice is followed by planning; action, while being flexible; and willingness to let answers emerge. This week that’s how I’m creating my Success Zone.  What about you?

Experiment for the Week:  Develop  your ‘flexible muscle’. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and take a few deep breaths, breathing down to your feet and allowing the breaths to ground you.  Do so until you feel relaxed AND very stable – like nothing could take you off center.  Imagine you are seaweed deeply rooted in the ocean floor – nothing can uproot you.  Now, begin to sway gently & slowly from side to side keeping your feet firmly planted (you might imagine a fish bumping you and responding with movement of all of you except your feet).  Now sway forward, backward.  How far can you sway without moving your feet?  This practice will support you in being flexible when the fish and big waves of life bring unexpected motion. I practiced it daily years ago during a particularly stressful time when I needed to be firm, stable and flexible. It continues to serve me well when I need to shift.