This week I’m excited to introduce Patrece, a wise woman who has investigated and worked with the physics part of meta-physics for more than forty years. She understands the frequency use of energies in such a way that charges our life experiences in practical and meaningful ways during these ever-changing and fast-paced times. I have been “energized” by P Systems’ most recent newsletter that she wrote, and I’ve been granted her permission to share it with you. In lieu of an experiment this week, I’m suggesting that you reflect on their Open-ended question for September.

Energy =Time=Money from

“The degree to which we understand our self-worth is the degree to which money is going to be there.” Patrece

 As if it’s not enough to ask us to learn to navigate the use of energy into time management, we now add money to the earthbound equation of energy = time = money. Use is the issue. Look at it this way. If we buy into the ever-increasing popular concept that we’re all striving to be rich, as in financially wealthy, then we measure our ability and our success, as well as that of others, by how much money is acquired and required. Money, in action, is further acquisition. That’s okay for what it is, but there’s a divergence between acquisition and the metaphysical pursuit of using ourselves without considering resupply.

Those interested in the metaphysical life, and its qualities, accept that we are always in the flow of creativity. In an infinite sense, we grow while holding on to nothing. Then we go out into a world that is mostly dictated to by the rules and forces of money that say, “Acquire and hold; acquire and hold.” The issue becomes one of acquisition and disbursement. The challenge is how to bring together that which we hold on to and that which we are meant to give away while at the same time feeling pretty good about ourselves. The degree to which we understand our self-worth is the degree to which money is going to be there. Self-expression and self-worth live parallel in the way we deal with ourselves day in and day out.  We all know, within ourselves, when we get our minds into complicated situations that drain our energy of self-expression. We also know, within ourselves, what it feels like to honestly express ourselves without comparison to what we think we should be, could be, might be, or even what we used to be.

To harvest the abundance we know is possible, we need to be honestly convinced of exactly what we’re worth and the specific talents we want to use under any circumstance. We need to recognize where we are in the world and how we see ourselves at any given moment. Discovery is our task.  Let the fun begin and, in the process, let’s not ignore the fact that there’s more money than any other manmade thing wherever we go in the world. That’s no mystery. Abundance is everywhere. Let’s be certain that we’re willing and prepared to help ourselves.
PS open-ended question for September: Would you use your energy and time in the same way if money were not an issue?