"Self-expression and self-worth live parallel in the way we deal with ourselves day in and day out." Patrece - www.p-systemsinc.com

Most often, I notice that we think of self-expression as how we express ourselves to others, from me to you or from me into the world.

This week in the midst of moving from one home to another, I find myself noticing how I’m expressing ‘me to me’.  I see that form of self-expression as the foundation of how I feel about me as well as how I relate with and express to others.  I’m noticing how self-satisfied I am with how I’m navigating the move.  Much (perhaps all) of that self-satisfaction comes from the choices I’m making as I walk through this somewhat unexpected interruption to my ‘normal’ life.

I like how I’m expressing me to me.

As I sit here to write, there are four simple measures of success that I’m claiming from this perspective:

  • I’m calm and clear about what I can and cannot control. There’s a possibility that my new home is in a “dead zone” where my internet provider (also my VOIP phone service) may not be able to service (they’ve not been able to spot the tower from the roof peak 30 feet off the ground).  I trust  if they can’t, that I’ll find an alternative (though I admit that driving seven miles to a local eatery in the dead of winter is not my alternative of first choice).
  • I’m asking for and open to receiving help from others (and oh, so grateful for the abundance of support!).  I’m taking people up on their offers to help rather than being super-woman, do-it-yourselfer.  Today two amazing friends packed up all of my books and the entire kitchen and helped me move two loads of boxes to storage. Did I mention gratitude?
  • I’m taking extra-ordinarily good care of myself – getting rest, enjoying walks with the dog, spending time in my garden, and eating well from the bounty of produce.  And, I’m being kind to me, focusing on what I have accomplished, not what didn’t (but ‘should’ have).
  • In a week with little business time or attention, I’m honoring my commitment to post and send out my email newsletter.

So, what about you?  How pleased are you with how you are dealing with you, moment to moment, day to day?

Experiment  for the week:  Notice your self-expression ‘you to you’.  Are you calm, clear?  Are you supported? Are you taking care of you? Are you honoring your commitments?