“Today we are involved in major planetary change. We are being pressured and tested to our personal limits by Universal forces. Each of us has the potential of gaining great spiritual awareness and advancement in these times, but to do so we need to understand our potential.” Gregge Tiffen

In keeping with my promise to go beyond the mundane here at Success Zone, this week’s focus is on potential. Not the mundane potential of accomplishing goals in the ‘real’ world, but rather the innate potential that we each have as spiritual beings on the planet.

It’s no accident that I’m writing this at a time when I’ve made the personal commitment to fully live into my power. Gulp.  Right on time, I’m presented with multiple opportunities to experiment with just that. For example, the sweet home that I rent just went on the market. Do I simply rush out and find another place, or wait until it sells and then take whatever I can find in this small community with few rentals? Or, do I feel into what seems ‘right’ for me, ask for guidance, and step into the unknown, trusting that my intention and the actions that follow will create the solution I desire or, perhaps, something better that I haven’t yet imagined?

I’m choosing the later, to deeply trust that my next right place will be revealed. After all, that’s how I came to be in this beautiful, quiet mountain community of Crestone, Colorado, seven years ago. But that’s a story for another day.  For now, let’s look at potential from the perspective that it is in YOU.  Potential is not in a job, a project, or anything outside of you. If you see potential existing outside of yourself, you may be well served by reconsidering where it truly resides.

Think about that: Where does potential reside? Where do I place it in my thoughts, words, and actions?

The root of potential is potent, “having authority or power, mighty, influential, powerful”. So, when we place potential in anything outside of ourselves, we give it (whether person, place, or thing) our power. Hmmm … have you ever considered this possibility?

We come to this life with spiritual power that has been granted us on a Universal level.  That power resides in us as potential to the extent that we are aware of it. We must also be willing and able to call our potential forth and to trust that the source of our power is not the world, but rather an omnipotent force that the world as we know it is a part of.

Our job is to direct this potential, this energy for our benefit, not just in mundane matters, but in matters of consciousness and the soul. To look beyond the mundane to matters such as our learning and growth and the everlasting wisdom that comes with learning at this level.

I’m coming to see that important choices start here with claiming this gift of power that we have been given. Will I allow a situation, another person, what our culture expects, or anything outside of me to have power over my well-being, my joy, or the conditions in my life?  Or, will I seize each event as an opportunity to step into my power as a co-creator in my life?  What will be possible when we make that choice consciously FIRST before any other?

I’m discovering personally that stepping fully into my potential is not a journey for the faint of heart. In a world where we have (mostly unconsciously) given our power to education systems, families, jobs, well-meaning friends, consumerism, and, yes, even religion, reclaiming our power requires courage, tenacity, and commitment.  But isn’t that just what being in the Success Zone is all about?

Experiment for the Week:   Observe your choices for action this week, noticing what actions come from the guidance of your creative power and which ones you may have taken on from something outside of you.  No judgment. No right or wrong. Simply observation, possibly followed by a new choice.  Have fun!