Spring is bursting out all over Southeast Hill!

Spring is bursting out all over Southeast Hill!

All animals on this planet help forge a living energy chain, tying together the power of Nature to the manifestation of life.  Gregge Tiffen (It’s Springtime: Flow with the Power of Nature – March, 2007)

As I end this month that found me focused on caring for beloved canines far away from my home, my heart is touched by two aspects of nature: the beauty of flora and the steadiness of fauna.   

I’m writing this week’s post a bit early with the intention that, as it lands in your box on Thursday morning, I will be driving through the canyon lands of Utah.  Today, as I prepare to head home to begin a new month and another trip around the sun, I’m struck by how nature simply IS.

I’m humbled and in awe of the buds and the blooms that have burst forth in the past week here in the neighborhood that’s been my home this month.  I’m curious how spring will reveal herself along the 1200 miles or so of our journey.  How will spring be showing when I reach home in a few days?

But as much as I love trees and flowers, it is the animals that I hold dearest in my heart this day.  I’m grateful for all the animals on the planet and for the energy that they receive in support of all life, including that of us humans. In the year ahead, I want to deepen my understanding of this vital relationship.

And, I’m especially grateful for Luke and my cousin’s dogs. My three weeks caring for them were rewarding beyond measure. I’m humbled by what they have given me the opportunity to learn: grace, dignity, adaptability, patience (to name a few), and even humility itself. 

Happy Homecoming!

Happy Homecoming!

So often in life we avoid humility, fearing that we don’t or won’t measure up. That we’ll be humiliated, embarrassed, feel low or foolish.

Noticing my own feelings over these three weeks, led me to explore the word ‘humility’. I discovered that its root is the Latin humus, meaning grounded, humble, of the earth.  I loved that discovery! It put a whole new depth and light to my feelings.  They are right in tune with and flowing from the earth.  There is no humiliation in that, no matter what stories I might conjure up or comparisons to others I might make. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

And so it is with most everything we do if we are willing to make that our choice no matter what.