Season's first snow on the peaks

Season's first snow on the peaks

Energy management has to issue forth from the inner you before you can do anything about the outer conditions in your life. Gregge Tiffen (Deeds Are Fruit, Words Are Leaves – October, 2008)

It’s late this Thursday, hours after my weekly musings are usually drafted. By this time most Thursdays, my blog is written, posted on my website, and I’ve hit the ‘send’ button to my email list. Luke has taken me for my second doggie walk of the day, and I’m ready to engage in the day’s other tasks.

Each week has its own unfolding. Sometimes I wake knowing what wants to be said. Sometimes more reflection time and/or reading are needed before clarity comes, an idea forms and the words follow. That’s how it is this day.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve paid attention to my energy with a particular focus on my physical energy. I haven’t felt up to par (whatever the heck ‘par’ is – I’m sure that I expect mine to be high). I haven’t felt that I was getting things done efficiently or that I was getting the support needed to do so. (Woe is me L)

So, it was no surprise when the quote above finally leapt off the page, bringing clarity for this week’s post.  Gregge’s words offered clarity about my sub-par energy AND how to address it: look within to discover what’s going on. In reading further, I was reminded that my thought patterns are feeding my cells 24/7.

This year, this autumn, this time feels different. I’ve felt different – more weary than energized, more dull than curious, more grudging than grateful. And, I feel more sad than hopeful for my fellow humans and the planet. And, all those thought patterns have been dragging me down. No wonder I felt pooped!

Time for a shift!

Often I experience that simply remembering to look inside and discover what’s going on there is an adventure that turns the tide. At least it begins the process. This day I didn’t find a cesspool of dark, smelly muck at the root (Whew!), and the internal click of awareness lifted my spirits.  I’m lighter and more energetic than when the day began. I’m curious how several ‘balls in the air’ will unfold and what I need to do to direct that unfoldment. I’m grateful for the guest who departed earlier today and for those that will arrive tomorrow and over the weekend. And, I’m looking forward to the satisfaction of completing the array of many winter preparation tasks yet to be done before winter weather arrives to stay.

Beyond the end of my nose, with so much chaos on the planet and discord among we humans, these days may be the most important time for us to look within, to be clear about our individual paths, our bodies, our health, ourselves, and to care about all of that from the inside out.

The turning of the leaves is in full swing here on our daily path.

The turning of the leaves is in full swing here on our daily path.