crestone mountains

"If you do not change direction, you may end where you are heading." - Lao Tzu

My thoughts this morning are jumbled around this idea of a new story.  The change brought forth by my recent move has evoked inspiration from being back in touch more intimately with sacred land.  Walking this sacred land daily reignited a personal quest to create new stories in my work.  Today, as I share these thoughts, I share too photos of that land that I'm privileged to walk daily.

I’ve come back to the dream that brought me to Crestone five years ago: bringing change leaders to this sacred place to rest, restore, and reinvigorate.  From that renewal, they are fueled to return to the world to birth new stories of possibility for themselves and, perhaps, for others.

My jumble comes from a deep sense that not only do I personally need a new story, but we need to accelerate the pace of creating new stories collectively. We need stories that help us let go of that which no longer works, that which divides and seeks to control.  We need stories that remind us that “right finally dissolves everything opposed to it” as Ernest Holmes wrote.  We need stories about “the world our hearts tell us is possible” [Charles Eisenstein –], personally and globally.

Of course, all global stories start personally. Some become widely known – Gandhi, Mandela, King, Bin Laden, Hitler.  But fame or not, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ each of our stories contributes to a collective consciousness that creates the world we experience, personally and globally.

What if we each understood and took responsibility for our role in, for example, the government shutdown, the leaks at Fukushima, the saber rattling conversations and threats of war, acts of war themselves, and the consequences of natural disasters?  What if I truly understood and accepted my role?

So, this week, I’m focused on allowing my new story to emerge. Although I have some sense of urgency, I feel guided to allow rather than force the creation.  I sense that experimenting in a dance between allowing and taking focused, intentional action is part of my personal learning as well as our learning collectively. It’s that dance and looking at how my choices are connected to the whole that I take into the week ahead.  What about you?

Experiment for the Week:  Playfully consider the stories you are living in this week.  What influences inform and inspire those stories?  Capture your inspirations and explore where they take you.