creek flow

God is forever doing new things and when we conceive new ideas, it is an act of the Divine projecting Itself into creation.  Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

This  is not about demanding of others (or even of yourself, other than that you stay true to you), but rather about declaring what you need, expecting your demand to be met, and remaining flexible in how that looks.

Yesterday’s personal journal post was short and clear: “Internet and phone issues continue. Need to get them settled Today”!  By 3pm it was done, and not in a way that  I expected, as I’d been told “we can’t provide service to your location”.

On some level, I don’t think I had accepted their response, but I was implementing another option that proved challenging (frequent resets of the router, restarts of my computer, and inconsistent connection) as my almost last resort (a tad better than driving seven miles to the town coffee shop with wifi).

From time to time during the several week saga, I reflected on what meaning I might give to the situation. And, on how I would need to adapt my work and connection with clients, colleagues, friends.  Am I meant to disconnect for a period? I wondered.  Being a bit on the tenacious side, I rejected that meaning and continued step by step, deciding to add a land line (remember those?) as back-up.

Driving into town to pick up a phone cord left behind in the move, I discovered that I’d left without mail that needed to go to the post office, so turned around to return home to get it.  On the way, I saw the local telephone/internet technician and decided to stop to get more info on why they weren’t able to provide service.  She kindly explained (much better than the customer service rep was able to), then added “but I think there’s a way and I’m working on it”.  What? Really? With a glimmer of hope, but no promise of when or even if the service was possible, I went on my way.

Two hours later, the tech called my cell, “I’ll have your internet installed this afternoon … you’ll just need to call in the order so I can do it.”  It seems she was given the wrong address initially and when she discovered the error from talking with me, easily found a way to get service.  Add another hour, and I’m connected, it’s fast, consistent and no resetting, restarting required.

I’d stumbled onto the solution by forgetting mail, returning to retrieve it, and stopping to get more information.  Despite some angst during the several weeks of not knowing, I didn’t resist and had faith that a perfect solution would emerge (even if ‘perfection’ meant an imperfect connection).  Likewise, I didn’t push or make demands of others.  I simply followed my guidance and stepped into the flow of each day, trusting my demand would be met and that my highest good would be served.

And, that is what success looks like this week.

Experiment for the Week:  Identify something in your life that isn’t working as you would prefer it work. What meaning do you give it?  Release any resistance.  Step into the flow and see where it takes you.