Blessed Snow on the Peaks!

Blessed Snow on the Peaks!

If there is one thing that causes the downfall of mankind in all forms (consciousness, mind, body, spirit, soul, or what have you), it is human’s great desire to separate or divide. Within the statement ‘United We Stand; Divided We Fall’ is the whole key to spiritual awareness. Gregge Tiffen, The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen: Earth and Second Earth 

Sadly, even spiritual truth is used to divide, set apart, separate. United We Stand has its roots in the American Revolution, when a band of colonists separated from the British Empire and went on to colonize what is now the United States. In doing so, they tromped over any indigenous peoples’ ‘rights’ by virtue of their presence in this land for thousands of years. The colonists separated themselves as ‘better than’ the so-called savages.

Throughout history, man has declared unity in many ways. And, throughout history, mankind has fallen short of experiencing the unity that somewhere deep inside we each know as potential because it is the Law, Universal Law.  In an effort conquer, our institutions, laws, systems, habits, thoughts, divide everything. Divisions of time separate us from the reality of infinity. Divisions of money separate us from the abundance and wealth that is imbued in this amazing universe. Political subdivisions (cities, counties, states, countries) attempt to unite in order to control within and conquer beyond their borders.  All defy the truth that Unity is ALL that is.

In unity there is truth, pure, infinite truth. Unity is the foundation for mutual understanding, cooperation, acceptance, peace. Unity calls forth the best in us, our authentic selves as one critical part of the One. In unity we understand and accept responsibility for what we experience on this sojourn called life, understanding that there is no ‘other’ to blame. In unity we are strong within, not needing to flex our muscles to prove that strength.

Clinging to separation, we suffer conflict, competition, conquest. We create a win-lose world where there is always someone to blame so we can avoid taking responsibility.

Separation is a construct of man. Unity is of the universe. With every breath we take and decision we make, we are choosing one or the other.

Separation is in our face, constantly asking us to choose this product or the other, this candidate or another, this friend, this belief over that. Separation wins wars, but has no potential for lasting peace. Unity lies patiently (or perhaps not) within each of us as potential.

As the curtain falls on my 67th sojourn around the sun, I’m aware of how much of my life has been lived in that trap. I’m also aware of moments, sometimes fleeting, where I’ve experienced unity with every fiber of my being.

As I prepare to raise the curtain on a new trip around the sun, I’m aiming to expand my capacity to experience that I am ‘one of the One’ and to live and write more fully from that foundation of truth.

Unity is infinite, forever. Unity is everywhere, yet nowhere. Unity is, whether we choose to be aware or not.

A Cheerful Mountain Bluebird Greets the Day

A Cheerful Mountain Bluebird Greets the Day