snowy horizon

"I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’ This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves."  Albert Einstein

I awoke as I’ve come to do on Thursday mornings, curious to know what would emerge as the focus for this week’s post.  My daily ‘Note from the Universe’ [] reminded me that in my experience life’s events have turned out for my highest good.  And, after a frosty morning walk with Luke, of course the Universe is friendly!

I find this easier to observe when I’m aware of my fundamental belief that the Universe is indeed a friendly place.  Like most of us, sometimes I wake up to find myself in the middle of a pond of muddy thoughts that (apparently) I turned on unconsciously as (surely) I wouldn’t consciously choose them. Or, I notice that I’m feeling ‘off’.  Sometimes I react to an unplanned, unexpected event as though it is ‘bad’, or something happens to trigger doubt. My belief in a fundamentally friendly universe is an anchor that I call on to help me navigate through these curve balls of life.

You might recall a few months ago when the house I rented was suddenly put on the market, sold quickly, requiring that I find a new place and move [See The Power of Being Flexible]. As I look back on that experience, there were days when I needed to use every ounce of will I could muster to be in action trusting that the events were ultimately in my best interest.  Believing in a friendly Universe made that task easier.

Of course, sometimes what serves us best may be downright painful, as anyone who has experienced the loss of a job, a relationship, etc. can attest to.  Yet these are the events in life that bring us the greatest opportunities for the deep personal growth that becomes wisdom.  These are the events that when we face them with courage and commitment open the doors to unseen, unexpected possibilities.

Being in the new home reminds me that ‘home’ is important to my sense of well-being, my inspiration and my creativity. I thought the home I was living in provided that fully (and in some ways it did). The new home has multiplied my sense of well-being, inspiration and creativity exponentially and in unexpected ways.

The initial inspiration that triggered me to move to this beautiful, remote community in the Rockies almost six years ago has returned in a new form that feels just right. Unlike the old home, the new one is perfectly suited to its implementation.

As I create this offer to bring others here to rest, restore, retreat at the pace of nature, I’m aware of uncertainties, some known; some, not revealed. Yet, with the faith that I live in a friendly universe, how can the outcome be anything but perfect?   [Stay tuned – you’ll be the first to know! And, if you just can’t wait call me for a preview.]  It's a bit like knowing that the mountains are there, even though not visible in the frosty fog of this winter morning.

Whether a current challenge or opportunity is one of an unexpected change in business, work, relationship or any other area of life, if you find yourself suffering or stuck, look first to your belief about the nature of the universe. Then, let that become a pillar of strength from which to build your thoughts, your plans, and the actions that follow.

Experiment for the Week: Do you believe the Universe is friendly? Notice this week how your thoughts, your emotions align (or not) with your fundamental belief.