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"An emotional block is excess energy being stored. We know it is there when we want to do something and we don't do it."  Patrece Powers (

Many thoughts swimming in the pool of creating focus for this week’s topic.  I sensed a common thread and finally ‘it’ appeared, relating as it always does to what I’m experiencing, questioning, or aiming to create in life. I name that ‘support from a friendly universe’. Hence, sharing this place that I get to where I stop and what that place is teaching me, is today’s muse.

The Place.  It starts with a hesitation around some step that seems so easy and clear when I planned it. I feel confused, afraid. Definitely I experience excess energy that I’m not channeling in a direction that moves me forward. Ouch!

The Pattern(s).  Over the years I’ve developed several approaches. I beat myself up for not doing what I ‘should’ do (additional ouch!).  I tell myself ‘it must not be quite the right time or the universe would support me to get do it’ (gotta love that – give my responsibility to the universe! – delayed ouch!). Occasionally, I ‘force’ myself to take the step without any joy and no awareness of using my power to choose (not so ‘ouchy’, but the results rarely meet what I’m aiming for). I might even ask, half-heartedly and with no intention of discovering what I can learn, ‘what’s stopping me?’ (sort of taking responsibility, but not really – delayed ouch!).

The Results.  Honestly, I have a darn good life for which I am very grateful.  And, there are some gaps that I need to own without guilt or self-blame. It’s around those gaps and my stories about them that I become most deeply stuck.   I believe what I have the opportunity to learn in this domain can only make life better (much less ouch, both self-imposed and that gifted to me by the friendly universe and expanded possibilities for what I manifest in the world).

The (not so) New Awareness.  As with so much in life, the insight is not entirely new.  I can make the conscious choice to stop and become consciously aware of what I know.  On some level, I know what the emotional block is.  Each time I feel stuck, when stored energy begins to feel like what I imagine being in a pressure cooker feels like, I have the opportunity to allow what I know to come into my conscious awareness.  While I may experience a momentary ‘ouch’ from what’s there to discover, the long term comfort of stepping honestly into self-awareness and the future choices that are sure to present themselves from that willingness seem, in this moment, to be well worth it.

Experiment for the Week:  What’s your experience with being stuck this week?  Hop over the blog and share your discovery [SHORTLINK]