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"In order to use the power of love we need to drop all facades and show ourselves as trusting, uninhibited children of a loving Universe." - Gregge Tiffen (The Numerology of Love)

Just what is the ‘power of love’ and how can we discern when we are using it?

Language has its own energy, and like all else, words vary in their vibratory rates. Dr. David R Hawkins in his groundbreaking book, Power vs. Force, distinguishes and measures levels of consciousness. The word ‘fear’ vibrates at a low level. It produces anxiety and withdrawal – not the level one wants to live in when aiming to create a relationship, build a business, or simply life.

‘Love’ on the other hand, vibrates at a much higher level, a level that moves you forward, supports engagement with others, and helps make navigating life’s challenges an opportunity rather than a burden. As, I’ve suggested before, love of self is the foundation on which our ability to love others, to receive love and to create a love-filled life is built.

As I’ve reflected on how I came to (mostly) live a life of love, I discovered forgiveness and gratitude at the core. I’ve learned to forgive myself and others and, in doing so, my capacity to let go and allow has grown. For the most part, I’ve thrown out the mantel of perfectionism and embraced excellence and continuous learning. For many years, I’ve practiced ‘breathing in love/breathing out gratitude’. Over time, I’ve grown to feel and express gratitude for (almost) everything.

When life goes off kilter, I aim to have the awareness to notice whether gratitude or my capacity to forgive are missing. Awareness is key to making the moment to moment choice to live in (and, thus to use) the power of love, to be that trusting child of the Universe.

Taking love and awareness a step further, Gregge Tiffen shared more in a short booklet published in 2007. In his training in mysticism, Gregge learned that each letter of a word links to the vibratory rate of the word itself. The sequence of the links, “defines how the manifestation of the word will flow”. Here’s love:

L – Creative

O – Progressive

V – Emotion

E – Energy

So, we can ask if we are “creatively, progressive, emotional, and energetic” about anything in life – a relationship, our work, projects that we’re engaged in, a trip we’re considering, and even life itself. If yes, then the power of love is present, and we likely are being that uninhibited child of the Universe. If not … well that’s perhaps to muse another day.