"Any required action may be accomplished by the application of the proper universal force in the proper manner through the proper medium to the proper object." - Gregge Tiffen

"The point of power is always in the present moment." - Louise L. Hay

This week I was gifted with a(nother) ‘lesson from the ground up’ [thank you for that phrase and for your support Dr. Moira Forsythe!], one of those many choice points we experience daily, sometimes consciously, other times with little to no awareness. Had I been paying full attention as I walked across my office Monday afternoon, I might have avoided snagging my toe on Luke’s blanket and the resulting pain of a severely bruised (possible broken) big toe.

But alas, it was the pain that woke me to the moment and (after a string of ‘cover your ears’ language and quickly stumbling to the freezer for ice) to the choice point I’d been given. I could blame Luke (how dare you leave your blankie in the middle of the floor!), play victim to my own lack of awareness and stupidity for not putting the blanket away, or I could call upon my belief in the power of Source and act accordingly.

I chose the latter option, coupled with my power to direct that energy. I can’t say that I sprang into action, but I did move with clarity, intention, a sense of urgency, and a willingness to cooperate in allowing the healing to happen. I called Dr. Moira for advice and to be sure that I didn’t need to rush to the emergency room (the pain was that bad and the toe looked gruesome). I gathered essential oils, cold pack, and homeopathic remedies. I called another friend to ask for help walking Luke. I popped a dose of homeopathic arnica, lay down, propped up the foot, applied the cold pack, took a breath and demanded that the toe heal.

My demand was made with love, care, and a deep belief in the power each of us has to direct energy. I took another breath and began to imagine my toe being back to ‘normal’ – no pain, no bruising, boots on, hiking with Luke (and friends who are arriving next week!). I let go of worry about what I wasn’t getting done while I was lying around. And, I slept. I woke, applied essential oils, allowed myself to feel deeply that healing was happening. Then, I slept some more.

With short breaks on my feet to build a fire, take Luke out, and feed us both, I repeated the process through the night and all day/night Tuesday. As a result, I had the profound experience of literally feeling my body heal. And, I could see the progression as the concentrated bruise began to spread out and lighten.

Today, I can’t say that I’m quite ready for a long hike (‘darn’ says Luke), but we walked our two miles this morning with no discomfort or ‘favoring’ the injured foot. And, while that in itself is a blessing, the true blessings are having deepened my belief in our power to direct Source energy and in having given myself the gift of this experience.