An eye in the woods - "Here's lookin' at ya!"

An eye in the woods - "Here's lookin' at ya!"

We are part of a natural flow of experiences in which all that we are really doing is allowing ourselves to participate in the flow. Gregge Tiffen (Deeds Are Fruit, Words Are Leaves – October, 2008)

In a culture that drives us to ‘make things happen’ and creates the illusion that we are somehow ‘in control’, it can be discomforting to consider the possibility that we humans have it all wrong about how we ‘make’ things happen.

That same idea can be comforting as well. What if life is simply about showing up for events that have already been created, deciding what attitude and approach we’ll choose to ‘wear’ for each?  Like choosing a Halloween costume: Who do you want to be today?  What if that flow is about experimenting and acquiring knowledge that at some point is distilled into a drop of wisdom that stays with us forever? What if in our life today we have in our cells wisdom collected over eons of experience?

I woke this morning and picked up paper and pen. After a few quiet moments, these words came forth to begin the natural flow of this day.

Rivers flow

Money flows

Life flows

And, so it goes


With the flow


Knowing that I know.

Oh, that.


Follows remembering

Who I am

And my place of grace

In the Universe.

Gratitude floats like a leaf on the surface

And as a fish swimming below.

Gratitude embraces the flow.

Hi There!

Hi There!

It was a few moments before I recognized that this week’s post had ‘arrived’.  Sometimes a quote provides the inspiration for the words that follow. This week the words came first, so I set out in search of a quote. Then, when I found the quote above, I discovered that it’s the one that I used exactly one year ago for the post in the third week of October, 2015 (you can read that take on ‘Life Flows’ here -  I think I’ve stepped into the flow of this day … now, off for a walk, breakfast and discovering what other delights I’ll have the opportunity to participate in.

How are you flowing in the river that is your life?

A beautiful fall day on a favorite trail.

A beautiful fall day on a favorite trail.