Stormy Weather on the Peaks  ...

Stormy Weather on the Peaks ...

You’re always in a position to decide if you want to have any reaction to what’s going on.  Gregge Tiffen (Open Secrets: An Air of Optimism)

Weather is always one thing that’s going on in our lives. When the weather suits us and fits whatever we have planned, we may be grateful, if we have any awareness of it at all.  If not, our cultural habit is to label the weather ‘bad’.  And so it is with many in my community these days in the midst of record breaking rain and snow:  “I’ve never seen this much bad weather in May …”; “… this awful weather …”; etc.

Like many others, I’ve had to rearrange plans. Outside projects like planting the garden, cleaning up limbs broken in the snow storm, and painting trim on the house have been delayed.  And yet, I noticed my own reaction is that of being deeply grateful for the moisture. I’m enjoying feeling as if I’ve been beamed to the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve even noticed an absence of being annoyed by Luke’s muddy paws.

Then I noticed that I hadn’t consciously chosen my reaction. It just is what it is. I only became aware of it when I noticed that I bristled a bit upon hearing others’ complaints.  That awareness reminded me that I always have a choice, whether I choose consciously or not.  It was also a reminder that everyone has their own story, their own reaction, no one better than another.  

It also reminded me that my habits of belief, grounded in gratitude, lead me to make choices which enhance the quality of my life.  Those are the kind of choices I aim to make more consistently as I navigate this adventure.

As if I’d asked for a test, this morning I woke with a sense of being off kilter and feeling disoriented, not my usual Thursday morning ‘oh boy, today is my blog writing day!’  As I stretched and began to move about, I refused to allow any worry to take hold, reminding myself that the message always shows up.  I felt drawn to be out in nature, so rearranged my morning practice to start with our morning walk. Unlike my habitual reaction to the weather, this was conscious choice – step by step, thought by thought.

As I walked the labyrinth, I remembered to give direction to my body, my cells: “Take in only harmony and beauty. No pressure. Trust what you know.”

Voila! This week’s post emerged as it has for 92 weeks now, with learning and awareness on my journey that I hope translates to your journey as well.

... Brings Green to the Foothills!

... Brings Green to the Foothills!