Nature sculpts interesting form.

Nature sculpts interesting form.

‘And God said, …’  We now know that Planet Earth is a planet manifested by sound.  Gregge Tiffen (The Story of Infinity)

The Bible as a code book of how our planet came to be, how the planet operates, and more importantly, how we humans are to operate here is a significant contribution of Gregge Tiffen’s work after his years of intense training in the Far East followed by extensive work in human energy management.  I was blessed to know Gregge and to be a client from 1980 until his passing in 2008.

I continue to be a beneficiary of his work through his published works (you can find them here –  and recordings of the many sessions that I had with Gregge.  As my posts are about navigating life and the learning that is available on this sojourn, these are most often the source of quotes and the inspiration for them. 

Having emptied ourselves in whatever way is our custom during the Solstice and Winter Holidays, we are receptive to the new in whatever forms that may take. A new calendar year begins. Many have created goals, resolutions, and aspirations for the year ahead. It is a time of expectation and of focus.  And, first it is a time to remember that everything manifested on Planet Earth begins with sound. 

For we humans, sound most often means the spoken word.  In the midst of the chaotic babble out there in the world, perhaps we prefer to simply not speak.  Yet, our words are needed to set our course as we begin anew. Our clarity for ourselves, our courage, our conviction, and our curiosity need to be spoken as we set out on this year’s journey. This world needs our voice. And, we need the experience of learning to use that voice, sound as it is intended to be used.  After all, that is how we begin.

Whether our intention is to bring home the dog or to build a thriving business, we begin by speaking our desire clearly:  ‘Luke come.’ ‘I will build a profitable business doing work that I love.’   If our intention is health, wealth, personal peace, or adventure, play, creative expression, likewise we begin with sound. 

I’m taking this to heart as I begin this year, carefully choosing my words, both their quality and quantity. I’m aiming for ‘less is more’: fewer words and words with the qualities of clarity, conviction, curiosity, and courage.  I’m intending that my words not add to the angst and chaotic babble of the world.  For those words also represent beginnings, just not beginnings that I prefer.

What about you? What words are you speaking to begin this year?  Do your words reflect what you want to manifest in your world?  Do your words feed the world’s babble in ways that you don’t intend?  Perhaps this is a good time to invoke the old adage: ‘think twice, speak once’.

Now, let’s begin …

More snow's coming     

More snow's coming