pine needles

"With every thought we are creating our present experience and planting the seeds for our future." - Cindy Reinhardt

Happy Spring!  Winter in the Rockies continues to slowly cast off her warm, cozy blankets making way for the sun to provide more warmth as the days lengthen.  Small blades of green grass are breaking through the soil.  The pine trees are showing the first signs of what will become pinecones, seeds of future trees, over the next few months.  And, the creeks are beginning to flow, offering one of my favorite mountain sounds.

I awoke this morning a few hours before the official arrival of the new season with the words and melody of Bette Midler in my mind’s ear: Remember in the Winter, far beneath the fallen snow, lies the seed that in the springtime becomes the rose.

Every seed has within it the idea of and blueprint for what it will become. No matter how deep, when the snow melts and the ground warms the rose, the dandelion, and the grasses give us the gift of their new growth.

They are new. Each blade of grass, each yellow dandelion, each branch on the rose represents new growth from the seed within where its journey began.

My thoughts (yours too!), each and every one, are seeds as well.  They are the power that creates what I’m experiencing in this moment and the next and beyond.  They are the power that shapes my future, the experiences I will have, how I will feel, and what I will learn.  That power presents the opportunity and the responsibility to choose wisely.

Thoughts are the seeds of my life.  They are my most powerful and potent creative tool.

As I plan and plant my garden this Spring, I will carefully and lovingly cast out those seeds that would lead me down paths not mine to follow.  I will plant seeds of love, of abundance, of beauty, of light, of harmony and happiness, of joy, of service and generosity, of enterprise and infinite possibilities.  I will plant rows of understanding, action, integrity, learning and growth.  Throughout the garden I will scatter seeds of hardiness, courage, and tenacity those qualities of nature that I think of when I observe a small tree that has broken through the rocky soil and survives with little moisture.  I’ll sprinkle in some seeds of ease, grace and luck.  Anchoring my garden will be trees of justice, idealism, humanitarianism and peace.

A lush, full garden for sure, one that will inspire me daily to be aware of my thoughts and to choose them oh so carefully.

Question for the Week: What seeds are you planting with your thoughts this Spring?