golden leaves by creek

“We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.”  Budda

This week I caught myself in a habit that most of us probably experience, looking outside of me for direction rather than first discovering what experience I wanted to create.  In a glimpse of awareness while journaling, I realized that I hadn’t thought about a course of action. I simply was about to go into action automatically.

No denying sometimes that’s an approach that works, but this experience, I quickly (and gratefully) realized was different.  Rather than tapping into my own wisdom and intuition, then affirming what I discovered, I almost took the road of first seeking external confirmation, calling on someone else to tell me what was going on in terms of the experience I was having.

That awareness led me to see the act of calling on another to ask what they think BEFORE I’ve checked in with myself as a place where I abdicate my personal power, the power of using thought to affirm my choices in life.  It’s a habit which, rather than supporting my independent thinking and building my knowledge and wisdom base, creates dependency.

From this awareness, I can stop, take a breath, connect with my instinctive knowing that the experience is anchored in Spirit which knows only good; that whatever I’m experiencing is for my highest good (and if I discover that it isn’t I alone have the power to change).  What followed those deep breaths and the connection with my inner-wisdom was a sense of peace and understanding about the experience, a possibility that I hadn’t considered that I could now affirm from within.

That’s a foundation from which I can now seek input, advice, and perhaps external confirmation.  Rather than depending on another to ‘tell me’ and forming my thoughts from the other’s perspective, I first formed my thoughts from within. Now, I can (hopefully wisely) seek out resources to support my growth through this experience and, thereby make my world one that’s aligned with my values .

As I reflect on this experience and my next steps, I know how deeply the beauty of nature and the quiet of where I live support me.  On this cold, gray day with golden leaves on the ground and snow in the forecast, my heart is warm and I wish the same for you in the week ahead.

Experiment for the Week:   Use the events of this week to practice first going within.  Tap into your wisdom first.  Choose how you want to experience the event.  Then, as you are guided, seek the resources you need to support you to create this experience.