A stem bends to find the needed sun.

A stem bends to find the needed sun.

We naturally and progressively change when we absorb the potential knowledge inherent in an experience, which means we become more knowledgeable physically, mentally and spiritually.  Patrece on behalf of P-Systems (The XYZs of Karmic Experience – Series 7, Week 45)

The quote above caught my attention last week as one I wanted to reflect on. What does it mean to become more knowledgeable physically, I wondered? But as happens, life’s events stepped into the spotlight of my attention (or, you might say they took over my life this week), and that reflection only came back around this morning as I mused about this 103rd post (yes, next week is our 2nd anniversary!).

I like the idea that we naturally change as we absorb knowledge in the experiences we have in life. Perhaps trusting in this could release some of the pressure we put on ourselves to learn and grow. What if my growth is as simple as walking through life, from experience to experience, trusting that when I’m awake in those experiences, I am adding knowledge and as I add knowledge, I naturally change.  That sounds like a favorable zone from which to live.

Think about it for a moment. We humans are part of nature. Look at the natural world around you, a tree, a flower, a bird, your pet. They progress through their life cycle naturally.  On some level the flower uses the knowledge that it requires sunshine to grow. With this knowledge, a stem bends to place the bud in more sunlight.

Our pets learn through the experience of interacting with us what elicits a ‘good boy!’ and what brings forth ‘bad dog’.  They apply that learning day to day.

So many people in my life, both clients and friends, are facing huge challenges and changes – forced job changes, health issues, death of a loved one, recovery from surgery.  Sometimes we think that only those ‘big’ events hold the gold of learning. 

In no way do I want to minimize such events. Like each of us, I’ve been there/done that – death of parents, divorce, job changes, challenges in relationships and business.  Likewise, I don’t want to give them more attention or credit them for more of my learning than just living life, step-by-step, day-by-day. That is after all how we move through these events.

As I navigate life today, I see that it wasn’t just those big events that held the gift of learning for me.  Daily activity has taught my body the amount of rest and care that it needs. Hopefully, I use that knowledge to make choices to support it.  Operating my bed and breakfast gives me the opportunity to learn new expressions of my creativity in creating a comfortable space for myself and others.  It stretches me to have the energy of others who I don’t know sharing my home. I can feel the change that has come gradually over the last year. Likewise with my leadership role on the local water board. And, of course, being ‘mom’ to Cool Hand Luke is rich with learning (this week we’re focused on patience).

I'm trying not to lick mom, really I am, but it itches ...

I'm trying not to lick mom, really I am, but it itches ...

The beauty that I see in looking at learning from this place is that it isn’t just the stuff we label ‘bad’ or ‘challenging’ from which we learn, grow and change.  We don’t need to sign up for yet another class. It is the very experience of life itself from which we change. The simple elegance of life reveals itself once again.

Patience rewarded .. .

Patience rewarded ...