“One size does not fit all.”  Frank Zappa

That’s an interesting quote from an artist whose band released an album ‘One Size Fits All’. Even more interesting, it’s the only quote that I found on this perspective. Lots of quotes supporting the idea that ‘one size fits all’ though.

I’m not totally clear what brought OSFA (one size fits all) to my mind and heart this week as my reflections and practices on individuality continue.  I’m sensitive to things that claim to be “The” solution (answer, path, etc.) whether to prevent or cure cancer, bring forth the love of my life, boost my energy or be the path to everlasting abundance and happiness.  I’m on a personal quest to more deeply understand and live fully into my uniqueness.  After all, that’s what I believe life is about: each of us discovering our part in the mystery and living that part fully. (What a beautiful world we’re creating as we do so!). Yet, sometimes I feel caught between the two, the world that claims to have the right answers and my commitment to ‘be me’. (Smile as I remember my college dorm mother suggesting that Frank Sinatra’s ‘I Gotta Be Me’ should be my theme song. It was definitely hers.)

In that tension are some juicy questions and experiences.  As I try to distill them into a single theme, two words – courage and faith – emerge.  Both are key ingredients, requirements really, for living in alignment with who we are.  It takes courage in the face of experiencing a slowdown in business to say ‘no’ to an opportunity that would bring cash in the door, yet simply does not feel right.  I want my courage to be grounded in faith that instinct and intuition (demonstrations of connection to Source) are more powerful and accurate than information presented by others as ‘fact’.  (Sometimes though, it may be simply grounded me being a contrarian.)

Definitely there are paths, cures, even clothing that fit for many, even millions. But nothing is a fit for all. We are each unique individuals with unique cellular makeup. We each need to navigate and make decisions through different experiences so that we can successfully fulfill our sojourn in this life and move peacefully to whatever is next on our soul’s journey.

As we make the thousands of choices daily about what to wear, to eat, to think, to do and more, let us practice doing so from that place inside that deeply knows what ‘size’ fits us. Let’s discover the world we can create from that place.

Exercise for the Week:  Reflect on this: where in life are you navigating with the courage and faith it takes to be true to you? Honor yourself for taking each leap of faith whether it seems great or small.