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Discernment in Our Chaotic World

Early Morning Haze in the Sangres

Early Morning Haze in the Sangres

Truth and spiritual awareness need no trumpets or drums. Gregge Tiffen (Do The Angels Take a Vacation? – August, 2007)

What is true for each of us is that which inspires and deepens our awareness of our true power.

As I have a few times recently, this week has me calling forward a previously written post – updated what I’m observing currently.  The message seems especially appropriate given the political climate and, in my view, dearth of moral leadership in that arena.

Over the past several weeks as I’ve watched current events unfold and heard far too much fear-based rhetoric, I realized (not for the first time of course) just how disempowering the world’s messages are. The so called ‘news’ with its negativity, discord, confusion, conflicting information and disparate opinions that scream their version of what is true often fails to inform much less inspire or empower.

Beyond the news, everything in the world seems to calls for our attention jobs, family, friends, politicians, people in business who have something to sell. Take a look at your email in-box, your social media account, text messages, voice mail, and advertisements in places too numerous to mention. 

Are you inspired or empowered by what you see?  Or does the vista contribute to a sense of angst, confusion, chaos about conditions ‘out there’ beyond your control?

So, how the heck do you begin to know what’s ‘true’?  Within that question is perhaps one of the great opportunities of this time: learning the fine art of discernment – not what’s true ‘out there’, but what is true to you and for you. What are your criteria for discerning what to allow to enter your space (yes, you do have control over that!)?

If you know your criteria, are you rigorous in honoring them? (I’ll be taking some action in this regard this month!).

If you aren’t sure or your criteria could use buffing up (I’ll be doing some of that too!) give some attention to identifying the knowledge/tools/skills you have to guide you.

A great starting point is remembering the truth of what Gregge suggests in the quote above: truth is not boisterous or external, rather it is quiet and inside. The goal is to find your truth. What is true for each of us is that which inspires and deepens our awareness of our true power. What inspires you? What deepens your awareness of how powerful you truly are?

Here are some other ways to develop and sharpen your discernment:

  • Engage curiosity, letting go of the need to know, understand or be right

  • Be open to other possibilities – open mind, open heart

  • Develop your instinct/conviction and listen to it while being open to making adjustments

  • Befriend paradox – in a world of infinite possibilities two ideas that appear contradictory may each be true even when they seem to be polar opposites

  • Be gentle (with yourself and others)

  • Avoid win/loose conflict, competition, and confrontation

  • Look to nature, her beauty, her rhythm

    Enjoy the journey to discovering and expanding all that which is truly you AND true for you! 

The Labyrinth - One of My Places for Finding What Is True for Me … Luke agrees!

The Labyrinth - One of My Places for Finding What Is True for Me … Luke agrees!



Authentically YOU!

Nature’s Beauty Discovered Anew

Nature’s Beauty Discovered Anew

If you run your life according to the dictates of society, you will reap those concerns. Gregge Tiffen (Thanksgiving: The Power of Prayer, How it Works – November, 2006)

When we let society or culture determine what we should believe and how we live, we have abdicated our responsibility for ourselves. Gregge Tiffen (excerpt from Life in The World Hereafter, The Journey Continues in The Journey Continues: The Legacy for Generations – November, 2010)

Sometimes as I sit quietly, reflecting and ready to receive, a familiar message begins to form and I wonder ‘am I being too repetitive?’ Such is the case with my thoughts this week. A familiar theme: BE the unique YOU that you are, not the ‘you’ the world would have you be.

It’s a theme that shows up in my work with clients when they are seeking clarity about purpose and direction. Society and our culture would have us believe that they know best in terms of what ‘success’ is and how we should achieve it. Marketing and media experts extoll what we ‘must’ do to create massive email lists, enroll others, get our message out, etc. etc. And, while they may have good information and advice, overwhelm can set in if we try to follow that advice without a clear sense of who we are and what we believe. It’s important to know and acknowledge what we need at that particular stage of life. Then, we need to develop the skill AND the discipline to filter our choices through our individual lens of authenticity.

It’s simple in concept, and not always easy to implement. Living authentically often means living counter or contrary to the culture. It requires vigilance and consistent awareness because the world wants you to do its bidding, to follow its lead. The world’s voice is loud and pervasive and its tone, built on the quality of mass consciousness, is steeped in fear, scarcity, disrespect, discord and violence.

The qualities of mass consciousness today are the not the qualities of a loving, generous, abundant, infinite Universe. Mostly the Universe speaks softly, quietly and to hear we must stop and listen. The Universe does not bombard us with noise 24/7. It doesn’t shout, scream, or try to scare us into action.

As parts of the universal whole, at our core we are those qualities: love, light, abundance, harmony, beauty, peace. We find our power, our authenticity, in being and expressing them. In that power we find our true selves. And, from that power, we have the foundation of authenticity on which to build our lives, personally and professionally.

Embracing The Universe

Embracing The Universe