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A Moment in Time

Another beautiful day dawns in the Sangres.

Another beautiful day dawns in the Sangres.

Everything we know about the Universe shows movement and change. No one thing remains the same. Planets move in their orbits never staying in the same place. On the planet, trees change leaves year-by-year, and seasons come and go. However, we work to keep our systems in society from changing, or, at the very least, try to control the change and how it manifests. We suffer the debts that society is suffering because of that very effort.  Gregge Tiffen (Finding Freedom: The Meaning of Independence Day – July, 2007)

There are many things that I could write about how ‘we work to keep our systems from changing’. Indeed, if you read between the lines of many of my posts, you’re likely to discover that theme.  Heck, sometimes it’s right on the line.

But today I simply want to mark a moment in time, a historic moment. Rather two such moments. First was the moment earlier this week when a woman was formally nominated by a major political party to serve as President of the United States of America.  The second will occur tonight when Hillary Clinton accepts that nomination.

In the loud noise of political controversy and probably far too much commentary, the significance of this shift may not be obvious. But on the tree of the emergence of feminine leadership in our world, another leaf is opening. Another glass ceiling has been shattered.

Set aside everything you’ve thought, heard, or think that you know about Hillary Clinton for just a moment. Take time to allow the event to sink in.  As events often are, this event is bigger than the person.

Without over-exaggerating it, I believe this is a big deal in the experiment we call the United States of America. The event itself represents real change despite any of her views or her past decisions aimed at just what Gregge suggests: keeping the systems from changing. 

This change is yet another moment in history that we are privileged to dance in.  What dance we will do, what we will make of it is very much up to each of us.  Will we walk away in disgust because we don’t like the music?  Or will we step up and dance, making the most of the opportunities that this, like all events, presents?

The garden   offers a visual feast to match the bounty of our harvests.

The garden offers a visual feast to match the bounty of our harvests.