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Senator Cory Gardner


To Senator Gardner

Dear Senator Gardner,

I am one of ‘those people’ to whom your majority leader referred to disparagingly this week. I am a constituent, a voter, and a very concerned citizen.

I hope that you will put country and the principles on which it was founded over partisanship as you consider the vote you will cast regarding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

This nominee has clearly demonstrated that he does not have the qualities of impartiality or the temperament to listen with an open mind and render fair judgement. His disdain for some members of the Senate questioning him was, at best, an embarrassment. Has he demonstrated for you the qualities you would want in a judge hearing a case for a member of your family or a friend – particularly if that person happened to be a female and the issue one of gender? Many of your constituents, voters like me, have that concern for ourselves, our daughters, and our granddaughters.

We are concerned too about the volumes of information on this nominee’s background withheld not only from the public but from you, a Senator charged with ‘advising and consenting’. We are concerned about a so-called ‘investigation’ in which persons with information have not been contacted.  Surely if the other party were pulling such antics, you would be among the first to speak out.

I urge you to step forward and show yourself as a true leader in our country. You have an opportunity to lead your party and our country away from the dangerous precipice that putting this man on the highest court in the land represents. You have an opportunity to cast a vote that is clearly the will of the people, not the will of a political party that answers to the few.  I pray you will seize this opportunity to lead with courage, with care for all people, and with love for our country.


Cindy Reinhardt, Constituent & Voter, Third Congressional District, Crestone, Colorado